Service maintained delivery during COVID-19

The service is maintained in delivery during the CODIV-19 with health and safety standards reinforced by GTS. Regarding the impact of the decisions taken by the government for road transport, in order to limit the spread of Covid-19, there are no ministerial restrictions on the transport of goods, whether they cover basic needs or not.

Since Europe has become the epicenter of the spread of Covid-19, a feeling widely shared in all Western markets and beyond, (add a comma) is that there is a firm need to maintain the economy, something that is not only essential for individual countries but also for globalization.

There is no question that we recognize that there is a global need to contain the spread, and that we must respond to it in a sensitive manner in order to ensure that food and goods continue to flow where they are needed. .

In an emergency, we all realize how important the seamless urban movement of goods is. The population needs a supply of food, medical supplies and emergency supplies with minimum delays or restrictions. Responses from transportation service providers to COVID-19 have shown us that with the right mix of mobility options and public-private partnerships, people can travel safely where they need to go, and ( to be deleted) deliveries can be made on time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the transportation ecosystem to solidify and demonstrate its value. In response to COVID-19, we saw people donating their cars to community actions, buses delivering equipment to hospital staff and the micro-mobility used by first responders on duty. When we are facing a crisis, we become much more vigilant in getting people and things where they need to go. The crisis helps to rationalize our approaches and we no longer think about knowing if a car for example “is mine” but how this car helps the community.

It is not only during pandemics that we can think creatively about using modes of transportation parked on fixed routes, we can do it all the time. We cannot (delete) let these lessons go to waste, we are all connected, we are all trying to make this world a little better so that we can all have peaceful and flawless lives. A partnership with GTS seems to be the right way to go.