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Our services

Truck Transport

Golden Transports Services is considered one of the leaders in road transport in Paris and its region, nationally and in Europe.

Thanks to our knowledge in the field of transportation, GTS leverages its field experience to support your express road transport, large volume, pallets, custom, and other needs.

Our team makes certain to bring you the most qualified and effective solutions that suit you.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.


As part of your expeditions GTS collects, packages and dispatches your parcels with confidence and security.

Our “Shipment” service allows you to ship your parcels in France and across all continents.

Because each package is unique, we choose the best partners for your shipments, whether in Standard or Express, while guaranteeing you an economically viable service.

Fine Art

A reference in Fine Art, GTS guarantees you the greatest safety standards in the handling of all your works of art during transport. This includes the packaging of all your paintings, jewelry, porcelain vases, antique furniture, etc…

In order to preserve the value of your objects and keep them protected, our vehicles are equipped with a specific system for fixing, thereby immobilizing your goods for maximum care. This is coupled with our solid staff expertise in handling methods acquired by extensive training in protecting and packaging precious goods.

Tailor-made project

Our tailor-made, personalized solutions are closely adapted to your needs (regular tours, specific transport, medical equipment…).

Combining functional and technical expertise, we are known to intervene on all types of projects, including the most complex and delicate ones with suitable equipment, skilled labor and adequately equipped vehicles.

Expositions & Show

Specialists in logistics for events of all kinds (i.e., cultural), we support many companies, exhibitors, decorators and others, for seminars, fairs, shows or exhibitions.

Our tailor-made logistics solutions guarantee that your transport will be carried out in complete safety, thus making your events a success.

From pick-up, through storage, to stand delivery, our services guarantee smooth delivery for all your Goodies, flyers, stands, furniture, and goods. With GTS your events will be unforgettable.


Golden Transports Services provides you with storage and warehousing services in close proximity to the Paris Centre and its airports, equipped with a secure video surveillance system for your goods, furniture, high-tech products, textiles and others.

We manage the goods entrusted to us with care and the greatest security made possible by our quality control, taking photos and documenting inventory. We support e-traders by ensuring the flow and dispatch of their goods to their final destination, individuals in need of a furniture repository, or even players in other sectors of activity. Get an express quote immediately.


Packaging, handling with care and precaution are essential elements for Golden Transports Services.

Packaging is of paramount importance due to the risks to which the goods are subject. Good packaging is packaging well suited to the goods, its purpose being to protect from the vagaries of the mode of transport, exposure to the weather, the route, the duration of the journey and the conditions of its movement.

This is why GTS is committed to custom packaging and to provide you with very high quality packaging for your goods.


Sensitive to the ordeal that a move can represent, our experts assess and analyze your need by carrying out an inventory of your property by phone, home or local visit and by videoconference. Our team also provides personalized and tailored advice to individuals and businesses.

We offer packaging, transport, cleaning and assembly services with a support contact who follows you throughout your move.